Less is More Nutri Bars

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Our unisex LESS IS MORE t-shirt is as simple as it gets, a basic piece to start your day with numerous possibilities.
It can be worn with anything your closet acquires, be it denim or cargo pants for guys.
Leggings, shorts, long floral or lace fluid skirts for gals.
An “anything goes” type of garment, just like the recipe that follows… The basic idea to this recipe is to use a mixture of 100 grams of anything your cupboard has at hand, actually using your imagination.
Place a bowl on your scale and place different nuts, dried fruit, seeds, coconut flakes even dark chocolate pieces if you want, when you reach the 100 gram mark, you’re done !!!
(110 grs. won’t hurt either) Its a recipe with many possibilities, just like the t-shirt we’ve paired, but not only that… it also has no sugar, therefore LESS calories and MORE flavor and aroma, if you use a good honey.
Making it yourself assures you LESS additives (or none really) and MORE natural substances. So, start your day off right… grab your LESS IS MORE t-shirt, and your home made bar, feeling 1.4.U’s energy all day !!!
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◦ 100 grs. unsalted butter
◦ 100 grs. mixed seeds, nuts, dried fruits or coconut
◦ 120 grs. bran oats
◦ 100 grs. self-raising flour
◦ 80 grs. runny honey


◦ Preheat oven to 180 Celsius
◦ Line a deep 20 cm. square pan with lightly oiled grease proof parchment paper
◦ In a bowl, chop your nuts and dried fruit in small pieces and set aside
◦ In another bowl dice your cold butter in pieces, add flour and oats
◦ Using your fingers, start to crumble it until it resembles sand
◦ Add your nuts and honey, stirring until combined
◦ Place into your pan nicely flattening out and bake for 15 to 20 minutes or until golden
◦ Remove with paper and slice while warm
◦ Allow to cool completely and place in airtight storage
**Add a tablespoon of grated citrus peel and some cinnamon, into the flour mixture for a nice aromatic kick
**heat your honey for a few seconds in your microwave on low heat, to ensure a runny consistency
Enjoy 🙂

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